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Frequently asked questions about our beechnut oil

Our high-quality beechnut oil is used in many dishes in the kitchen. Its wonderful nutty aroma is the perfect ending to exquisite game dishes. As autumn and winter approaches, a venison ragout drizzled with beechnut oil is extremely good.

Gourmet chefs have long recognized the refined taste of beechnut oil and like to use the finely tuned flavor components for salads and mushroom dishes. It is also ideal for potato gratin and sweet desserts. With its unique note and the delicate taste of roasted nuts, beechnut oil is definitely something for true gourmets.

Some are enthusiastic about the ingredients. A look at the list of substances it contains shows that beechnut oil contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, especially in people with an affinity for fatty dishes.

During production we follow the laws of nature. We want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. This is only possible with mature manufacturing processes.

With a great awareness of sustainability and an unending love for nature, we develop oils for the future of people, animals, plants and planet.

In doing so, we focus on the needs of the forest. If we comply with this, it will continue to give us plenty of beechnuts. Exploitation is not an issue for us. We have opted for a gentle harvest and only want to process beechnuts when they naturally fall to the ground.

Beechnut oil tastes like the concentrated power of the forest. There is an incredible number of natural influences in every drop. Remember that a beech tree only bears fruit after 40 years. During this time it is exposed to many influences. All these influences can be found in part in the beechnuts.

You can taste it after pressing the beechnuts and processing them into oil. The oil is strongly reminiscent of the taste of nuts. The gentle nuttiness goes well with many dishes and is so subtle that you can enjoy the oil pure or in your daily smoothie.